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Choosing a Childcare Centre

Choosing a Childcare Centre

You are about to make a very important decision in the life of your child. The Early Years are vital in stimulating intense brain development, ensuring happy and healthy social experiences as well as developing important physical dexterity.

When looking for a child care centre consider the following things:

  • Visit the centre. We invite parents to come to the centre and see the play environment, meet the educators and ‘get a feeling’ for the centre.
  • Observe how the children are interacting with their environment, how the carers are involved with the children and
  • Assess what you like about the centre. It might be the fact that your child loves animals, the open grassy playground or the inviting and exciting classrooms that make Aussie Adventures the right child care centre for your child.
  • Ask questions about what is important to you regarding your child’s care.
  • Talk to other families you know at the centre.
  • Ask your friends about their child’s experience at Aussie Adventures Educational Centres
  • Trust your Instincts.

Our Educators

From early in the morning until the close of the day our staff is dedicated and receptive to welcoming families and children to the centre.

Communicating about your child’s needs and care is important to us and we ensure that all staff is aware of specific care needs for each child every day. Confidential computer memos ensure that important messages about your child are passed on to all staff during the day so that your child is safe, secure and happy.

Story Park, a digital program that documents the learning and play activities of each child is used by the educators and you will be sent an email telling you what your little one has been up to during the day. As an interactive program, you can write your comments and vital information on Story Park also.

Qualifications and training

Our staff are qualified to a high standard and hold qualifications such as a Certificate III in Children’s Services while Team Leaders have studied a Diploma in Children’s Services or higher levels of education. The kindergarten programme is conducted by a fully qualified Bachelor of Education graduate.

All staff is continually engaged in professional development to expand understandings and professionalism. In house knowledge and skill development is a regular component of our centre’s proficient and committed approach to children and include educational seminars, workshops, and online learning resources.

Meet Our Team

Miss Darin has been a part of Aussie Adventures since it’s inception. She has been involved with the care of children for over 30 years. Her qualities as a teacher (Bachelor of Education, Early Childhood & Bachelor of Science, psy) and experience as a mother and child care professional have lead to the development of the Aussie Adventures ‘family-based’ style of child care and education.

Miss Darin is the Managing Director at Aussie Adventures and is easily approached for a ‘chat’ about your child regarding their care and education. Any concerns can be addressed with Miss Darin and the concerns of families are utmost in our daily practices.

You can get to know who our staff members are by seeing their smiling faces in photos and personal information displayed in the foyer.

Ms. Darin King

Miss Lisa Oakey is the Nominated Supervisor for Aussie Adventures. Miss Lisa has many years experience in childcare completing studies of Advanced Diploma and Bachelor of Child and Family Studies as well as a Certificate IV in Training & Assessment.

Her efficient management skills, dedication to the care of children and concerns for families are qualities that contribute to her success in her role as centre director.

Please phone or call in to see Miss Lisa if you have any questions or concerns regarding the centre.

Miss Lisa Oakey

Why Parents Love Us

"What I like about Aussie Adventures is the open playground where I know my children can play on the grass and interact and learn about caring for the animals."

Brodie Middas

"The staff are very approachable and friendly. The centre is awesome."

Terri Takai