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So I have decided to enrol your child in a child care centre, what do I need to do?

When considering child care your child it is advisable to visit the centre to make sure the centre is suitable for your child and your family.

How will I find out about government funding and child care registration with centrelink?

You will need to phone Centrelink and advise them that you are putting your child into child care. They will register your child so that you can receive the Child Care Subsidy or CCS. This percentage will assist with child care fees.

What can I expect when I enrol my child at Aussie Adventures?

When you have decided to enrol your child, Aussie Adventures will invite you to come for a visit to the centre so that you can see the centre facilities and meet our staff. We will give you an enrolment package with lots of useful information about child care and the centre. We will also invite you and your child for a ‘play date’. The play date is flexible to meet your needs but gives you a chance to spend some play time with your child at the centre before your child actually starts at the centre. The ‘play date’will also enable your child to settle into the classroom while you are still there. We feel confident that you will be happy after the play date and that your child will be safe and secure at Aussie Adventures.

How will I know that Aussie Adventures is the best child centre for my child?

After you visit the centre and come in for a ‘play date,’ you will be able to make an assessment about how you child will adjust to child care. Additionally you can speak to your child’s educators and ask questions about the programme and daily routines. Each room has valuable information about the education and care displayed on the parent notice board. By this stage you should be getting a ‘vibe’ that tells you that Aussie Adventures is the centre that you and your child will be happy at. You can also ask friends and other parents at the centre about their experiences with Aussie Adventures.

How can I be sure my child is happy at Aussie Adventures?

Each day you will receive information about your child’s learning and activities through an on line Story Park application. This interactive tool will contain photos of your child’s learning and care at Aussie Adventures, information about meals and sleeping patterns and special messages about centre events. On your child first day you will receive a phone call to reassure you that your child is settled and playing happily.

At Aussie Adventures we present you with a first day poster as a keep-sake of this milestone in your child’s educational journey.

What happens when my child is old enough to move onto the next aged room?

At Aussie Adventures we monitor and record developmental data that give our staff a clear vision of your child’s learning and growth. When we feel that they are ready for a new challenge, we will discuss these changes with you and identify how your child is developing. Once you are happy for your child to move to the older room we will introduce you to the educators in that room so you discuss information issues about your child’s care. We will then set a date for the change to take place.

Over the next week or so we will take you child to their new room for a ‘play date’ so that the transition will occur with ease and comfort. After each visit we will discuss with you, how well your child handled the transition. As our centre is a strong and friendly unit with staff members who are consistent and reliable, the children are comfortable and happy interacting with all our staff members.

What if my child has special needs?

Aussie Adventures is an inclusive centre that supports children and families from a diverse range of backgrounds and developmental levels. Individual needs are assessed and outside agencies are invited to provide professional advise where required. In some situations, families may be eligible to receive additional funding that will support your child while they attend the centre.

Why Parents Love Us

"What I like about Aussie Adventures is the open playground where I know my children can play on the grass and interact and learn about caring for the animals."

Brodie Middas

"The staff are very approachable and friendly. The centre is awesome."

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