What do I want to be? – Role Play

What do I want to be? – Role Play

Role play is an essential activity here at Aussie Adventures Child Care & Kindergarten to assist children’s learning and development. It helps children to develop critical skills through play and exploration. 

Children learn:

  • Learn about the world around them
  • Explore different roles, experience different situations, and develop different points of view
  • Develop critical skills such as, communication, language, empathy, and socialization
  • Become more confident, use their imagination and creativity and engage in physical activity
  • Act out and make sense of real-life situations
  • Explore, investigate and experiment
  • Develop their social skills, as they collaborate with others

Here at Aussie Adventures, we have very creative children with wonderful imaginations. At the Centre, our children enjoy pretending to be superheroes, doctors, hairdressers, chefs, astronaut and even teachers, just to name a few. Please send us a comment in StoryPark as to what your child enjoys role play at home.

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