What’s in your Lunch Box?

What’s in your Lunch Box?

Kids are so active at Aussie Adventures Child Care & Kindergarten and School Care, with their little bodies are growing fast, that is why it is important to take care with what we pack in our kids their lunch box.

A nutritious lunch can help them concentrate better in class and gives them more energy to get through their day.

Tips for a balanced Healthy Lunchbox

  • Make it easy: Provide food that’s easy for them to open and eat.
  • Use left overs: Make a little extra for dinner, using the left overs as a lunch option. Fried rice, pasta, mac n’ cheese etc make great additions to the lunchbox.
  • Fruit & vegetables: Include a mix of fruit & vegetables in lunchboxes, such as, vegetable sticks with avocado or hummus. Try including a balance of all of the food groups.
  • Go for water: Packing a water bottle with their lunch is the best way for them to develop the habit of staying hydrated and helps remind them to drink regularly.
  • Keep it cool: A great idea to keep the lunchbox cool is to add a freezer block in their lunch bag to keep the food fresh all day.

Check out Nutrition Australia https://nutritionaustralia.org/ for lunchbox ideas, lunchbox builder and other inspiring healthy eating tips.

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