Why Reading Aloud is Important

Here at Aussie Adventures Child Care & Kindergarten we recognise the importance of reading to children.


Reading aloud has tremendous impact on the child’s mind and helps them gain a good start on their education and learning. It also supports children to become emergent readers through the use of repetitive listening and using familiar words while reading. Reading teaches sharing and participation. Reading always brings closeness and supports the child and the reader to develop relationships. When someone reads to a child, they are exposing that child to more than just the words on the page. They are role-modeling proper speech patterns, the basics of how a book is read and the excitement that reading can bring. 

Other benefits also include the following:

  • Active reading stimulates language development and encourages imaginative thinking.
  • It contributes in enhancing speech and communication skills.
  • Repetition improves vocabulary and memory.
  • Early reading to children helps in developing language skills, which is a foundation for school readiness.
  • Helps the child to deal with stressful situations in their development milestones.
  • Improves the attention and concentration which helps in school.
  • The colours, textures and sound in books will help accelerate baby’s mental growth and awareness of surroundings.

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