Aboriginal Totem Poles

Aboriginal Totem Poles As we celebrate NAIDOC week at Aussie Adventures Child Care and Kindergarten, it has been an opportunity to learn about Totem Poles from our Elder, Aunty Lisa.  The Totem poles are more than just impressive carvings; they are profound symbols of the rich cultural heritage and storytelling traditions of Aboriginal peoples.  These […]

Ginger Bread Recipe

Ginger Bread Recipe

‘Tis the season to bake, and at Aussie Adventures Child Care & Kindergarten, plus our Vacation Care Kids, we love to bake! Baking is a fantastic way for your child to be exposed to early concepts of maths and science as well as create essential skills such as reading, following instructions, problem-solving and developing creativity!

Making it a Goop Day

At Aussie Adventures Child Care & Kindergarten our Before & After School and Vacation Care kids enjoy making goop!  Children of all ages love making and playing with goop, and it’s completely safe! Playing with goop has several benefits for children, these include: Helping develop fine motor skills, in particular hand eye coordination. Encourages social […]

Why Reading Aloud is Important

Here at Aussie Adventures Child Care & Kindergarten we recognise the importance of reading to children.   Reading aloud has tremendous impact on the child’s mind and helps them gain a good start on their education and learning. It also supports children to become emergent readers through the use of repetitive listening and using familiar […]

Playdough Making

Whether at Aussie Adventures Child Care & Kindergarten, vacation care or home, children are able to make their own playdough.  Here’s how!  Ingredients 2 cups plain flour4 tablespoons Cream of Tartar1 cup salt2 tablespoons oil2 cups waterFood colouring and optional, glitter, sparkle stars etc How to Add ingredients with 1 cup boiled water and 1 cup […]

Raising Kids Around Animals

Most kids naturally love animals, but did you know that a child who learns to care for an animal treat people the same way. At Aussie Adventures Child Care & Kindergarten, we encourage children to interact with our farm animals. Other than building great memories, growing up around animals serves some incredible purposes for emotional […]

Winter Warmer Apple Pie Recipe

With the cooler weather, there is nothing like a winter warmer pie. At Aussie Adventures Child Care & Kindergarten, we love to make our own pies. Here is our quick recipe: Ingredients 1 pack of double-crust pie pastry¾ cup white sugar1 teaspoon ground cinnamon6 cups of thinly sliced apples1 tablespoon of butter Here’s how: Preheat […]

World Environment #BeatPlasticPollution

As part of our World Environment month at Aussie Adventures Child Care & Kindergarten, we learn about keeping our oceans clean and caring for the environment. We recycle at the centre as well as having donations of boxes, bottles and cans where we make creative creations. For our #BeatPlasticPollution, our Kindergarten class built a swan […]